Tire Sealants

General Purpose Tire Sealant


  • Prevents flats, slow leaks and bead leaks
  • Instantly/Permanently secure punctures up to X” diameter
  • Reduces tire related down time
  • Extends tread life
  • Water washable

Heavy Duty Tire Sealant

  • Seals Punctures
  • Reduces Tire Related Down Time
  • Will not damage tire or rim
  • Reduces flats
  • Water washable for quick and easy removal
  • Stops slow leaks and bead leaks


Part Number Description
3-803 Heavy Duty Tire Sealant (1 gal)
3-804 Heavy Duty Tire Sealant (5 gal)
3-802 General Purpose Tire Sealant (32 oz)
3-811 5gal. Pump
3-812 Twin Cylinder Diaphram Pump
3-813 2" Drum Valve
3-814 Installation Tools

All heavy tires, whether used on-road or off, routinely endure heavy punishment. They encounter ‘tire killers’ such as jagged rocks, broken concrete, rebar, scrap metal, welding rods, nails and other hazardous objects. Dura-Vulc® Heavy duty is formulated to withstand the rigors of hard, continuous use. It will protect your valuable tires from slow leaks around the rim, as well as air loss through punctures from pinholes, all the way up to .5 inch. It doesn’t matter if the equipment is used in long haul trucking or off-road equipment. The Heavy Duty formulation begins with the time-proven Dura-Vulc® commercial grade product, which has been enhanced with additional fibers and fillers that are larger and more varied. That combination of fibers and fillers in Dura- Vulc Heavy Duty acts to protect against large and numerous punctures common in heavy equipment. The increased protection translates to lower maintenance and, most importantly, less equipment downtime.

Dura-Vulc® Heavy Duty is designed for equipment that is used off-road such as:

  • Backhoes
  • Articulated Loaders
  • Cranes
  • Skid Loaders
  • Road Graders
  • Tractor/ Mowers

Additionally, it is ideally suited for use in over-the-road vehicles that routinely experience hazardous conditions, including:

  • Sanitation Trucks
  • Concrete Trucks
  • Delivery Trucks
  • Heavy Farm Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Long Haul Trucks

TireSeal Heavy Duty Product Specifications

  • Physical Appearance: Viscous liquid containing synthetic fibers and fillers
  • Freeze Point: -30° F
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: > 250° F
  • Pounds (Kilograms) Per Gallon: 8.9 lbs. (4.0 kg)
  • Color: Orange
  • Odor: Sweet
  • Removal: Easily water washable
  • Tire Balance: Not affected if tires are balanced prior to sealant installation
  • Re-treadability: Completely re-treadable
  • Tire Repair: Completely repairable
  • Rust or Corrosion: Completely rust and corrosion inhibited
  • Installation: Sealant is pumped through the valve stem (valve core removed) with a 5 gallon pail installation pump. This pump will inject against 30-40 psi and is calibrated to 8 ounces per stroke.
  • Available: 1 Gallon Bottle (3.8 lt.) (4 bottles per case
  • Package: 5 Gallon Pail (18.9 lt.)
  • Sizes: 55 Gallon Drum (208 lt.) 275 Gallon Tote (1041 lt.)
  • Packaged: 1 Gallon Bottle: 9.3 lbs. (4.2 kg)
  • Weights: 38 lbs. (17.2 kg) per case 5 Gallon Pail: 48 lbs. (21.8 kg)
    55 Gallon Drum: 520 lbs. (236 kg)
    275 Gallon Tote: 2600 lbs. (1,180 kg)
  • Containers: 1 Gallon Bottle: 45 Cases per pallet
  • Per Pallet: 5 Gallon Pail: 36 per pallet
    55 Gallon Drum: Non-palatalized
    275 Gallon Tote: Non-palatalized
  • Containers: 1 Gallon Bottle: 672 Cases
  • Per 20 Foot: 5 Gallon Pail: 665 Pail
  • Ocean Freight: 55 Gallon Drum: 64 Drums
  • Container: 275 Gallon Tote: 10 Totes