Dura-Vulc CT-25 Circular Tube Repair Patch Review

Dura-Vulc CT-25 Circular Tube Repair Patch Review

Tube Repair using the Dura-Vulc® CT-25 Circular Tire Repair Patch

Click below to read a review on the Dura-Vulc® CT-25 circular tire repair patch. The review focuses on using tire repair patch for tube repair. The review is in Polish, but most modern web browsers have translation features in them to get an understanding of a review written in a different language.

 Dura-Vulc® CT-25 Circular Tube Repair Patch Review (in Polish)

The reviewer begins with the following translated sentence:

“Patches for tubes … almost forgotten, but still necessary. Are there any alternatives for those with a bike shop? Yes! Here’s one of them, Dura-Vulc®.”

You can purchase Dura-Vulc® Tire repair string inserts, patches, and materials in Poland from https://felgeo.pl/search.php?text=dura-vulc