Patch Comparisons

Type Dura-Vulc Tech Tire Repairs Rema Tip Top Patch Rubber Vipal Group 31
Bias Repair Units UP 55 BP-0** CX-1* VD-1 CP 0
Bias Repair Units UP 65 BP-1** PN-1 CX-2* CP 1
Bias Repair Units UP 85 BP-2** PN-2 CX DC-3-2 VD-2 CP 2
Bias Repair Units BP 03 BP-3 PN-3 CX DC-4-2 VD-3 CP 3
Bias Repair Units BP 04 BP-4** CX DC 5-3*** VD-4 CP 4
Bias Repair Units BP 05 BP-5 PN-5* CX DC7-3**** VD-5* CP5
Bias Repair Units BP 06 BP-6 PN-6* CX DC-9-6* VD-6* CP 6
Bias Repair Units BP 07 BP-7 PN-7** CX DC-12-6 VD-7 CP7
Bias Repair Units BP 08 CP 8
Bias Repair Units BP 09 BP-8 PN-8 VD-8 CP 9
Bias Repair Units BP 10 BP-9 PN-9* CX DC 16-8 VD-9* CP 10
Bias Repair Units BP-10 PN-10** CX DC 18-4 VD-10
Radial Repair Units RD 110 CT-10 HD** 11-808
Radial Repair Units RD 110 R CT-10** RAD-110* BUL DC-10** RAC-10** 11-810
Radial Repair Units RD 112 CT-12* RAD-112* BUL DC-12* RAC-12* 11-812
Radial Repair Units RD 114 CT-14* BUL DC-14* RAC-14* 11-814
Radial Repair Units RD 120 CT-20* RAD-120* BUL DC-20* RAC-20* 11-820
Radial Repair Units RD 122 CT-22* RAD-122* BUL DC-22* RAC-22* 11-822
Radial Repair Units RD 124 CT-24* RAD-124* BUL DC-24* RAC-24** 11-824
Radial Repair Units RD 126 CT-26* BUL DC-26* RAC-26 11-826
Radial Repair Units RD 128 11-828
Radial Repair Units RD 133 CT-33 RAD-125** BUL DC-33** 11-825
Radial Repair Units RD 135 CT-35 BUL DC-35** 11-835
Radial Repair Units RD 140 CT-40 RAD-140* BUL DC-40** RAC-40 11-840
Radial Repair Units RD 142 CT-42* RAD-142 BUL DC-42 RAC-42*** 11-842
Radial Repair Units RD 144 CT-44* RAD-144 BUL DC-44 RAC-44** 11-844
Radial Repair Units RD 150 RAD-146** RAC-46** N/A
Universal Repair Units AP 045 S R * Sq All Purpose Cat # 115 UP-6 UP-1 11-115B
Universal Repair Units AP 055 S R * Sq All Purpose Cat # 116 UP-4-5P YP-2 VF-6* 11-116B
Universal Repair Units AP S 75 R *
Stem & Patch Combo SP 03 Uni-Seal Cat # 249W A-6 Minicombi CAT 14040 N/A
Stem & Patch Combo SP 06 B8-MC Minicombi MC-6 13-673C
Stem & Patch Combo SP 08 Uni-Seal Cat # 251UL CAT 14042 MC-8 13-674C
Stem & Patch Combo
Stem & Patch Combo SP 10 Radial Seal 291/38 N/A
Stem with Lead Wire SI 06 RS-8 VIPSTEM 6 13-621C
Stem with Lead Wire SI 08 RS-10 CAT 14570 VIPSTEM 8 13-622C
Stem with Lead Wire SI 10 CAT 14571 VIPSTEM 10 13-623C
Tube Repair Circle CT 25 Tiny Round B-0 PR-0 RBM-01 11-000
Tube Repair Circle CT 40 Mini Round* B-1 PR-1 R-01 11-001
Tube Repair Circle CT 45 Small Round B-2 PR-2 R-02** 11-001
Tube Repair Circle CT 55 Medium Round** B-3 PR-3 R-03** 11-002
Tube Repair Circle CT 75 Large Round** PR-4 R-04** 11-003
Tube Repair Circle CT 100 Maxi Round PR-5* R-05 N/A
Tube Repair Oval OT 40 Mini Oval** 11-004
Tube Repair Oval OT 75 Small Oval B-7 PR-7 R-300 11-005
Tube Repair Oval OT 100 Medium Oval B-7A* PR7A R-301 11-006
* patch is slightly bigger ** patch is slightly smaller *** patch is 1 ply less **** patch is 1 ply more
*Please note; chart indicates closest comparable size and fit. Please confirm size required prior to ordering.