Liquids and Sealants

Inner Liner Sealant

  • Seals exposed inner liner splices, over buffs or thin and porous areas of the liner.Flammable-Liner-Sealant-Black
  • Seals the over buff around the repair unit.
  • Prevents air migration in over buff area.
  • Maintains integrity of tire repair.
  • Flammable.

Rim/Bead Sealant

  • Forms airtight seal.rim-sealant-extra-thick-flammable
  • Reduces bead leaks between the tire and rim.
  • Apply to the beads of tubeless tires during mounting.
  • Eliminates comebacks from bead leaks
  • Available regular and extra thick formula.
  • Flammable.

Rubber Buffer/ Solvent

  • Specific formulation; multiple chemicals blended to effectively remove contamination from inner liner surface quickly and easily.rubber-buffer-flammable
  • Can be used as a pre-buff liner cleaner prior to buffing, and a repair cleaner to remove buff dust and other contaminants.
  • Available both flammable and non-flammable.
  • Removes silicone.
  • Fast Drying.

Bead Breaker

  • Frees stubborn beads from wheel rim without special tools or machines.bead-breaker-flammable
  • Eliminates need for heavy pounding and possible damage to tire.
  • Easier on tire. Simplifies tire removal, even with mechanical tire changers.